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    Grip Technology

    Grip Technologie
    Our special grip technology

    The special rubber studs on the underside provide a stable grip. The Gripsocks guarantee ultimate grip with first-class comfort for maximum support in your shoe.


    Ergonomic shape

    Our Gripsocks adapt ergonomically to your foot. The pressure you exert on the socks distributes your body weight evenly over the sliding surfaces, ensuring a feeling of well-being and perfect performance.

    The Gripsocks also provide stability thanks to the extra tight material at the ankle.

    They stand out thanks to their functionality and innovation.

    Whether you're a professional or amateur athlete - always one step ahead!

    Provide more support in your shoe!

    Quick changes of direction and rotational movements

    The ergonomic material composition prevents irritation and pressure points.

    Rubbernubs on the outside ensure perfect grip in the shoe for all kinds of sports

    Enjoy your game again!